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We can note, to the left, the particular of the curls that are at the end of the St. Anne self-portrait's hair.

I have noted, to the left, for the closeness of Leonardo's curls, some design right lines that the artist who was in the habit of doing, in the background of his designs. Leonardo who was left-handed, was accustomed to do these lines, beginning of the low part and going to the high part, on his left (like we can also note in his well-known self-portrait, in the hair area). If we observe the picture totally, we can see that these right lines, have a down - up direction, toward the right, like on the other hand are accustomed to do the right-handed designers. Therefore, this it is other evidence that Leonardo has performed the "background features" with the picture rotated clockwise 72, while "designed" his self-portrait.

(zoom in)

The upper part images, show a progressive mix, beginning of the well-known self-portrait, to the left, until St. Anne's self-portrait, the last one to the right (while the part that is behind in white and black, is always that of the well-known self-portrait). The progression is the following one (for Ar To you must understand the well-known self-portrait, Ar S.A it is St. Anne's self-portrait):

Ar TO 100% - Ar S.A        0%
Ar TO   70% - Ar S.A      30%
Ar TO   50% - Ar S.A      50%
Ar TO   30% - Ar S.A      70%
Ar TO     0% - Ar S.A    100%

This way, can be noticed as the two self-portraits coincide in the essential parts that form the face. In this sequence, can be observed the progressive aging of Leonardo's face.

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